Tailors Corner
Fabric (sq. yd) Cost Fabric (sq. yd) Cost Fabric (sq. yd) Cost
Canvas 1sp Maztican white Velvet 3gp
Flannel, wool light 1gp Wool, Daerlunian
light 8cp medium 15sp light 9sp
medium 1sp heavy 2gp medium 14sp
heavy 12cp Raw wool 2cp/lb heavy 2gp
Homespun 5cp Sailcloth 1sp Silk 7gp
Lace 5gp Ticking King’s Forest 15gp
Linen, Daerlunian 8sp mattress 1gp Elven Court 12gp
Wool, Sembian pillow 8sp Kara-tura 21gp
light Undervelvet Hemp, Dalelands
medium light dwarven 1gp light 1sp
heavy medium dwarven 4gp medium 2sp
Linen, Thavian heavy dwarven 6gp heavy 1sp
light Cotton, blend
medium Amn 4gp
heavy Calimshan 6gp
Tethyr 5gp
Vilhoun 6gp
Maztican 11gp

Skins (1 hide) Cost Skins (1 hide) Cost Skins (1 hide) Cost
Bear 5gp Deer 4gp Fox
Horsehide 3gp Jaguar 25gp red 14gp
Leather 2gp Leopard 22gp white 17gp
Lion 24gp marten 8gp Mink 12gp
Panther 15gp Raccoon 2gp Sable, Black 11gp
Shark 15gp Sheep 6gp Squirrel 2gp
Tiger 25gp Wolf 8gp

Feathers Cost Feathers Cost Feathers Cost
Eagle(10) 5cp Hawk(10) 4cp Ostrich(1) 5sp
Parrot(1) 3sp Peacock(1) 1gp Pheasant(5) 3sp

Dyes (8oz) Cost Dyes (8oz) Cost Dyes (8oz) Cost
Blue, Calimshan 33sp Blue, copper 9sp Blue, ultrmarine 1gp
Green mollusk 9sp Indigo 3gp Ocher 12sp
Purple 33sp Red, cochineal 4sp Red, iron 5sp
Red, mollusk 5sp Safflower 4sp Yellow, sulfur 3sp
Vermilion 44sp

Item Cost Item Cost Item Cost
Basket 7sp Bootlaces, (2) Buttons (10)
Beads (10) 1’ 2cp small 6cp
glass 8cp 2’ 3cp medium 6cp
gold 8gp Distaff 4gp large 7cp
ivory 4gp Flax, raw (1lb) 3cp Grommet 5cp
oak 6cp Hemp (1’) 1cp Hook & eye (1pr) 3cp
pine 5cp Loom Needles (10) 4cp
Needle case 1sp 2’ 8gp Pattern
Pins (10) 3cp 4’ 12gp apron 5cp
Thimble 4cp 8’ 18gp bandolier 6cp
Thread (100’) Scissors 2sp breeches 1sp
darning 4cp Scissors case 1sp chemise 1sp
embroidery 8cp Scissors sheath 7cp cloak 12cp
sewing 6cp Spinning wheel 12gp coif 6cp
Wool carders 8cp Yarn (100’) 1sp doublet 1gp
gorget 1sp
hood 5cp
hose 8cp
pantaloon 1sp
safety belt 8cp
shirt 1sp
stocking 3cp
surcoat 1gp
tabard 1sp
tunic 1gp

Adverturer’s Heaven

Item Wt. Cost
Armor care kit 3 7gp 9oz jar of cleaner, 9oz jar of polish, cleaning brush, and polishing brush.
Axe, woodsman 6 3gp Sz M; Spd 7; Dmg 1d6+1/1d6+1; two handed weapon
Backpack, H x W x D Inner Outer
Capacity Capacity
small 3 5gp 30”x18”x8”; 15lb 5lb 4 slots for flasks
medium 7 8gp 30”x24”x10” 25 10 6 “ “
large 10 15gp 36”x30”x16” 35 15 10 “ “
30gal5 2gp
40gal 7 4gp
50gal 10 5gp
60gal 12 6gp
baby 4 7sp
bread 1 1sp
bushel 4 2sp
dog 3 8cp
egg .50 5cp
laundry .50 5sp
peck .50 1sp
picking .50 1sp
seed .50 1sp
snake .50 3sp
normal 3 17gp
quilted 8 20gp
door .25 5sp
hand .25 5sp
ships 10 4gp
door .25 1gp
hand .25 1gp
ships 10 8gp
Block and Tackle All of these sets come with 50’ strong hemp rope and two hooks and one
100lb capacity 5 3gp grasping carabinier.
200lb cap 10 7gp
500lb cap 15 15gp
1000lb cap 25 25gp
1 Ton cap 40 35gp
Bolt case 1 1gp
Bucket 3 5sp
timekeeping 1 1gp Notched to indicate the passage of hours and half-hours; 12hrs.
incense 1 1gp Specially crafted to drive away the foulest privy odors; 6hrs.
vial heaters 2 1sp These burn very hot, enough to heat beakers; 3trns.
Canvas (per sq. yds) 1 1sp
Chain, iron (per 25 ft) Silver is x25 cost; gold x200. Silver/gold only available to ½” size.
1/8” 6 6sp load 12lb
¼” 18 2gp load 96lb
½” 36 5gp load 970lb
¾” 98 9gp load 2300lb
1” 130 17gp load 5000lb
2” 210 25gp load 12000lb
3” 400 35gp load 27000lb
4” 700 60gp load 65000lb
Chest metal, large 20 25gp Holds 150 lbs.
Chest metal, small 9 15gp Holds 65 lbs.
Chest wood, large 10 15sp Holds 150 lbs.
Chest wood, small 5 7sp Holds 65 lbs.
boot 3 2gp
cedar 15 15gp
clothing 15 4gp
travelling 15 5gp
treasure 25 200gp
Cloth (per10 sq. yds) ((Check out in Tailor’s Corner entry))
Chalk * 1cp Able to write 75 words.

Cooking Equipment
Item Wt. Cost
Cast-iron (The cast iron pots and pans can be used as a laborer’s hammer for attack purposes)
6” skillet 12lbs 1sp
10” skillet 16lbs 2sp
16” skillet 24lbs 2.5sp
6” skillet 4lbs 5cp
10” skillet 5lbs 1sp
16” skillet 7lbs 15cp
14” Wok 7lbs 2sp

Plates 8”/wt 12”/wt 14”/wt

China 1gp/.75 1.5gp/1 2gp/1.3
Pottery 1sp/.5 1.5sp/.75 2sp/1
Tin 2sp/.35 3sp/.5 4sp/.8
Wood 4cp/.5 6cp/.75 8cp/1
Pots 8oz 12oz 16oz 24oz 32oz 48oz
Tin .75 1 1.5 2 3.5 5
3sp 5sp 8sp 1gp 2gp 3gp

Silverware Wt. Cost(these may be crafted in any fashion but tin metal versions are provided.)

Fork n/a 1gp
Spoon n/a 1gp
Knife n/a 1gp

Utensils Wt. Cost

Spatula n/a 2sp
Ladle n/a 2sp
Grater n/a 3sp
Whisk n/a 3sp
Cooking-fork n/a 2sp
1’ tongs n/a 3sp
rolling-pin 2lbs 1sp
cutting board 2lbs 1gp
strainer n/a 4sp

Item Wt. Cost
Crampons 2 4gp
Drinking Horns
Common 2 2sp
Fine 2 1gp
Equipment frame 5 10gp (shifts encumbrance level down one category)
Fishhook n/a 10 for 1sp
Fishing net, 10’ sq. 5 4gp
Fishing tackle 5 10gp
Flint and steel * 5sp
Glass bottle 10gp
Grappling hook 4 8sp
Hacksaw, common 2 5gp (ten uses)
Superior 4 20gp (twenty uses)
Hatchet 3 2gp Sz S; Spd 4; Dmg 1d4+1/1d4+1; one handed
Hunting Knives 2 12gp 1-5” blades are per knife, 5+” per dagger
Hunting Traps
Rabbit 3 4gp
Boar 8 7gp
Bear 15 12gp
Lethal trap 12 10gp
Iron pot 2 5sp
Ladder, 10; 20 5cp
Ladder, rope/wood ¾” hemp and 2” board slats can hold 800lbs
8’ – 60’ 2lbs/4’ 1sp/4’
Beacon 50 150gp
Bullseye 3 12gp
Hooded 2 7gp
Common cat * 2sp
Small dog * 4sp
Common dog * 5sp
Wolf * 6sp
Dire wolf * 8sp

Item Wt. Cost
Good 1 100gp
Poor 1 20gp
Magnifying glass * 100gp
Mallet, Cording 25 10gp Sz M; Spd 12; Dmg 1d8;1d8; two handed (–2to THACO)
Map or scroll case ½ 8sp
Merchant’s scale 1 2gp
Mess Kit 5 8gp 2 plates, skillet, leather cup utensil set, and 3 vials spice rack.
small glass
small metal
Musical instrument
greek fire 2 10gp
lamp 1 6cp
Paper * 2gp
Papyrus *
Parchment ** 1gp
Perfume * 5gp
Piton 1/2 3cp
Quiver 1 8sp
hemp 20 1gp

Silk 8 10gp
Large 1/2 2sp
Small * 5cp
Saw, folding 2 3gp
Sealing/candle wax 1 1gp
Sewing needle ** 5sp
Signal whistle * 8sp
Soap 1 5sp
Sleeping bags
large 20 25gp
pavilion 50 100gp
small 10 5gp
Thieves’ picks 1 30gp
Tree bed 8 8gp (+2gp for a pitched roof making a private tent covering)
Tree seat 3 15gp
Torch 1 1cp
Whetstone 1 2cp
Wineskin 1 8sp
Winter blanket 3 5sp
Writing ink * 8gp (One vial provides 25 uses)
Magical *


Quality Decor
Poor Average Good Exceptional Plain Attractive Personlized Flashy
.75 1.0 2.5 5.0 1.0 2.5 +.15 5.0
(ex. An exceptional set of chain w/ attractive decor would have a combined modifier of 7.5 to the price).

Type Cost Wt(lbs) AC HP
Hide 15gp 30 6 20
Padded leather 4gp 10 8 20
Leather 5gp 15 8 10
Studded leather 20gp 25 7 15

Arabic mail(*) 220gp 25 5 30
(only allowed in Euro game; and known for being easily repaired 50% required time and cost, 2HD ‘S’ weapons get an extra +1 to hit)
Banded mail 200gp 35 4 30
Brigandine 120gp 35 6 20
Chain mail 75gp 40 5 25
Ring mail 100gp 30 7 15
Scale mail 120gp 40 6 20
Splint mail 80gp 40 4 30

Bronze Plate 400gp 45 4 30
Field Plate 2000gp 60 2 40
Full Plate 4 – 10,000gp 70 1 45
Plate mail 600gp 50 3 35

Great Helm 30gp 10 N/A -4 perception (reinforced, great coverage)
Basinet 8gp 5 N/A -2 perception
Normal 10gp 7 -

Body 10gp 15 +1 (protects vs. 135 degrees of targets) 9
Buckler 1gp 3 +1 (protects vs. one attack/round) 5
Medium 7gp 10 +1 (protects vs. 90 degrees of targets) 15
Small 3gp 5 +1 (protects vs. 60 degrees of targets) 10
Tower 15gp 30 +2 (protects vs. 120 degrees of targets) 35

Item Cost Wt(lbs) Size Type Spd S – M Large Special
Battle Axe 5gp 7 M S 7 1D8 1D8
Hand Axe(Hatchet) 1gp 5 M S 4 1D6 1D4
Axe, two handed 15gp 10 L S 9 1D10 2D8 ^; *
Full Moon Axe 20gp 12 L S 10 1D8+1 3D4+3 ^;
Throwing 1gp 5 M S 4 1D6 1D4
War Axe, Piercing 7gp 7 M S/P 10 1D4+2 1D4+2 (Slashing as per Battle axe)
War Axe, Blunt 7gp 7 M S/B 10 1D4+1 1D4 (Slashing as per Battle axe)

Blowguns 5gp 2 L - 5 - -
Barbed Dart 1sp $ S P - 1D3 1D2
Needle 2cp $ S P - 1 1

Bows - - - - - - -
Bow, Arabic 25gp 2 M 4 - - (-2 on all damage to a min of 1)
(-1extra to hit plates)
Bow, long 75gp 3 L - 8 - -
Bow, short 30gp 2 M - 7 - -
Composite long 100gp 3 L - 7 - -
Composite short 75gp 2 M - 6 - -
Arrow, flight 3sp/12 $ M P - 1D6 1D6
Arrow, hunters 1sp $ M P - 1D8+1 1D8+2 *;
Arrow, sheaf 3sp/6 $ M P - 1D8 1D8 *

Club, normal - 3 M B 4 1D6 1D3
Club, spiked - 3 M B 4 1D6+1 1D6

Crossbow, hand 300gp $ S - 5 - -
Crossbow, heavy 50gp 14 M - 10 - -
Crossbow, light 35gp 7 S - 7 - -
Bolt, hand 1gp $ S P - 1D4 1D4 *;
Bolt, heavy 2sp $ S P - 1D6+2 1D8+3 *
Bolt, light 1sp $ S P - 1D4+1 1D4+1 *;

Flail, barbed 18gp 15 M B 7 1D6+2 2D4+1
Flail, footman’s 15gp 15 M B 7 1D6+1 2D4
Flail, horsemans’s 8gp 5 M B 6 1D4+1 1D4+1

Laborer’s 10gp 15 M B 10 1D6+1 1D6+1
Maul 15gp 15 M B 10 1D6+1 1D6+2 ^;
Maul, great 20gp 20 L B 12 2D4+3 3D4+3 ^;
Warhammer 2gp 6 M B 4 2D3 2D4

Lance, heavy 15gp 15 L P 8 1D8+1 3D6 ; *
Lance, light 6gp 5 L P 6 1D6 1D8 ; *
Lance, jousting 20gp 20 L P 10 1D3-1 1D2-1
Lance, medium 10gp 10 L P 7 1D6+1 2D6 ; *

Mace, barbed 7gp 8 M B 8 2D4 2D4-1
Mace, footman’s 8gp 10 M B 7 1D6+1 1D6
Mace, horseman’s 5gp 6 M B 6 1D6 1D4
Mace, staff 9gp 13 L B 10 2D4-1 1D6+2 *

Bolas 5sp 2 M B 8 1D3 1D2
Boomerang 7sp 1 S S 3 1D4 1D3
Chain 5sp 3 L B 5 1D4+1 1D4
Dagger 2gp 1 S P 2 1D4 1D3
Dagger, kris 5gp 2 S P/S 3 1D4 1D4
Darts 5sp ½ S P 2 1D3 1D2
Dirks 2gp 1 S P 2 1D4 1D3
Gaff hook - - - - - - -
(Attached) 2gp 2 S P 2 1D4 1D3
(Held) 5cp 2 S P 2 1D4 1D3
Kaepa 1gp 1 S S 3 1D4 1D2
Knife 5cp ½ S P/S 2 1D2 1D2
Pick, laborer’s 6gp 7 L P/S 12 1D6+2 2D4
Pick, military 8gp 6 M P 7 1D6+1 2D4
Morningstar 10gp 12 M B/P 7 2D4 1D6+1
Scourge 1gp 2 S - 5 1D4 1D2
Sickle 6sp 3 S S 4 1D4+1 1D4
Stiletto 5sp ½ S P 2 1D3 1D2
Whip 1sp 2 M - 8 1D2 1

Polearms (See the player’s handbook for the exotic poles)
Gaffstick, 1hd 2gp 2 L P 4 1D4 1D3
Gaffstick, 2hd 25sp 2 L P 4 1D4+2 1D3+2
Quarterstaff - 4 L B 4 1D6 1D6
Trident, 1hd 15gp 5 L P 7 1D6+1 3D4
Trident, 2hd 15gp 5 L P 7 1D8+1 3D4 **;

Sling 5cp $ S - 6 - -
Sling, bullet 1cp ½ S P - 1D4+1 1D6+1
Sling, stone - ½ S B - 1D4 1D4
Sling, staff 2sp 2 L B/P 6 —→ —→ Can be used as a staff, or it can
hurl bullets and stones as a sling.

Harpoon, 1hd 20gp 6 L P 7 1D4+1 1D6+1
Harpoon, 2hd 20gp 6 L P 7 2D4 2D6
Javelin, 1hd 5cp 2 M P 4 1D4 1D4
Javelin, 2hd 5cp 2 M P 4 1D4+1 1D6 ;
Spear, 1hd 5gp 8 L P 8 1D8 1D8+1
Spear, 2hd 5gp 8 L P 8 1D8+1 2D6 *

Sword, bastard 1hd 25gp 10 M S 6 1D8 1D12
Sword, bastard 2hd 25gp 10 M S 8 2D4 2D8
Sword, broad 10gp 4 M S 5 2D4 1D6+1
Swd, claymore (1hd) 75gp 20 L S 13 2D4+2 4D4+3 ; ^; Requires Str 18+
Swd, claymore (2hd) 75gp 20 L S 15 2D6+1 5D4+1 *; *
; ^;
Sword, cutlass 12gp 4 M S 5 1D6 1D8
Sword, falchion 17gp 8 M S 5 1D6+1 2D4
Sword, khopesh 10gp 7 M S 9 2D4 1D6
Sword, long 15gp 4 M S 5 1D8 1D12
Sword, rapier 15gp 4 M P 4 1D6+1 1D8+1
Sword, sabre 17gp 5 M S 4 1D6+1 1D8+1
Sword, scimitar 15gp 4 M S 5 1D8 1D8
Sword, short 10gp 3 M P/S 3 1D6 1D8
Sword, 2-hd (1hd) 50gp 15 L S 10 1D10 3D6-2 ; Requires Str 16+
Sword, 2-hd (2hd) 50gp 15 L S 10 1D10 3D6 *; *

Any weapon that does double damage can dismount a rider.
All M and L weapons inflict +2 on damage if the attacker is being charged and scores a hit.

  • - Inflicts double damage when charging while mounted.
    • - Inflicts double damage when set to receive a charge; not allowed while on horseback.
      • - Inflicts double damage if opponent is riding or charging in attackers direction and is hit.
        ^ - Requires a dexterity check once hit; if failed target is prone, add a 2d4 to next initiative.
        $ – These items weigh little individually. Ten of these weigh one pound.

Item Spd Damage Cost
Flamming oil 15 2d6 for 1st round; 1d6 the next. 6cp
Greek fire oil 15 2d8 for 2d3 rnds. 2gp
Stone 6 1d2 free
Armor care kit 3 7gp 9oz jar of cleaner, 9oz jar of polish, cleaning brush, and polishing brush.

Foodstuffs and Meals

Rations are generic in nature and normally of a same or consistent taste. They’re normally wrapped in a wax sheet surrounded by a durable hemp cloth and tied with a string. Prices may vary if an area is short specific foodstuffs or in a non-supporting environment. The amounts below are indicative of a daily ration, its contents and particulars. Each ration has its own duration for preservation.

Type wt(lbs) cst Keep Contents

Customed 3 + ( ? ) (?) As negotiated by the parties involved.
Iron 2.5 10sp 1 mo Lg portion of dried meat and wheel of bread. (1’ x 1’)
Standard 2 15sp 2 wk 2 meat, 3 cheese, 2 fruit, 3 roots, lg bread. (1’x 1’)
Additions 5cp (Smoked flavored, peppered, seasoned, tasty breads
and cheeses. Really exotic and rare breads and cheeses cannot
easily be substituted.)

Breads - Breads are sold in small round loaves. The units and portions below denote a normal days consumption.

Type WT CST Description
Black .5 lb 2.5sp Nice sweet dark bread made with molasses.
Bleached .5 lb 4sp A colorful novelty w/ less nutritional value.
Corn 1 lb 3sp A very thick and dry bread, but tasty w/ certain meals.
Hard-tack .25 lb 10cp Very bland, flour and dough unseasoned biscuit, small round discs
of 12 packed in a small sack. (not wise to consume for long periods as a diet)
Pita 1 lb 9sp Medium hollowed pockets of bread, 6 in a unit.
Tortilla 1 lb 8sp Flat round discs, 12 in a unit.
Wheat .75 lb 1.8sp The staple of breads.

Breads (Specialty) – Specialty breads are some of the more common rare bread products available. Many more exist throughout the realms but these can normally be found in large cities.

Type Wt Cst Description
Crackers .5 lb 5sp Small delightful tidbit of seasoned bread (onion, garlic, cinnamon,
Peppered, and garlic). These are sold 3 dozen to a package.

Elven .25 lb 2gp Outstanding bread-roll w. nutritional paste spreads folded w/in. They
Can be purchased w/ Vegetable, herb-spice, fruit, cinnamon or
peppered meat spreads, and tasty curried fills. One loaf will serve an
individual for 2 days.

Fruitcake 3.6 lb 10gp These specialties flavored in rum, brandy, or other preferred beverage,
come from the Pirate Isles; studded w/ dried fruits (dates, citron,
currants, raisins, cherries, and more) and nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, and
filberts). Stored in small tins, which help to preserve them, a fruitcake
will last a person for 4 days and is considered highly nutritious.

Meatsurprise 2.8 lbs 2.8sp Lg. Fold of cooked bread (corn or wheat) stuffed w/ spicy meat pastes.
Lasts for two days, a complete days worth of nutrition.

Noodles 1 lb 15gp Specialties, unfit for hazardous adventuring, but available.
(Aurora’s Guide pg. 120).

Pumpernickel 3 lbs 3.2sp A fine delight, fitting noble station. A very pungent and harsh bread
Requiring one to build a liking for. Sold in a square loaf.

Rye 1.87 lbs 2.7sp A bread developed by the gods, this delight is often reserved to
compliment another dish. Its special blend of seasoning enhances some
of the more satiable tastes of prepared dishes. Tastes great by itself,
normally served in a large ball.

Sourdough .75 lb 15sp Served in a round loaf, a rare bread not easy to prepare.

Sugardough .75 lb 19sp This bread is just sourdough sprinkled generously w/ sugar and

Cheeses - Cheeses are sold in small round balls, large circular wheels, bricks, or wedges. The units and portions below denote a normal consumption amount for 3 days. Each portion comes in 1 pound servings. Each portion is protected by a fine coating of wax.

Type WT CST Description
Arabellan Chdr 4sp One of the best cheddar cheeses; this stuff is savory.
Blood 5sp A salty mix; blended w/ pigs blood while churning.
Cheddar 33cp Common cheddar of the local area.
Chessentan 6sp A smooth elegant blend, scented w/ rose or lotus pedals.
Cormryte 10gp A strong cheese, very sweet and dry. It is specially produced, thus
its mold, as it rots grows a very healthy protein culture. This cheese
lasts an individual, on the average twice as long.
Death 5gp Another Cormryte cheese, milked from the deadly catoblepas. It is a
very soft, rich tasting cheese with its own personality.
Damarite Red 5sp Strong and pungent, wrapped in black wax. Notable for its flavored
wax rind, which is often used to suck on for its flavor.
Elturian 6sp A strong, yet tasty, pungent sheep’s cheese. A special mixture is added
While churning which produces vein like streaks of extreme pleasure.
Farmer 3sp A commoner’s staple, this cheese does not last long, and is served in
small moist portions. It is normally stored in small waxed tins or waxed
sheep’s bladder.
Green Calishite 8sp A very rare cheese, at a glance it appears to be normal cheese. This
mild cheese has generous portions of curry mixed in. The curry
provides for an excellent taste, which greatly enhances the flavor and generates a slightly aquamarine coloring.
Mist 2gp An extremely rich white cheese; this delicate cheese and its taste have
never been able to be replicated. Mages have tried but to this day none
have succeeded.
Nut 1gp A hardy sharp hard cheese, very favored in the Savage Frontier, this
cheese is known for the unshelled nuts which are common to its form.
Only the most favored of nuts are used.
Pepper 5sp Much as the north prices its nut cheeses, the lands about Tethyr have a
fond appreciation for its spice cheeses, and best known is the pepper
cheese. A mixture of cow and goat milk forms this tangy, supple concoction. The leathery rind is dotted w/ peppercorns to give the pepper cheese its own unique flavor.
Suzailian 7sp A powerful sharp white cheese, flavored w/ a mild white wine
ornamented w/ shavings of roasted garlic cloaves and chunks of onion,
slowly basted and roasted in a cinnamon and poppy seed oil. It is
rumored that people who eat this cheese daily can ward off all but the
most powerful vampires or the starved.
Swiss 5sp Soft white cheese, this cheese is swiftly made by the most of talented
dairymen, the special timing involved allows for the dotted holes which
appear in the cheese.
Thavian 3sp The people of Thay have developed their own concoction, in which
maple-sweetened streams of chocolate are swirled into the liquid
cheese form, so as it hardens interesting and tasty waves of chocolate
decorate the inner portions of the cheese.
Turmish 4sp A crumbly burgundy cheese made w/ a heavy red wine. Wrapped in red
Vilhoun 6sp A light reddish cheese which gains its color and complexion from the
lighter wines mixed in during initial straining. Vilhon is a delicate
cheese in comparison w/ Turmish.
Waterdhavian 4sp A rich sharp tangy cheese, it is pale in color, ornamented w/ holes.
Yak 4sp A soft creamy cheese made from yak often portioned in tins or
earthenware containers.

Common Seasonings - As with all seasonings, these scrumptuous herbs and spices are stored in small one ounce ceramic holders.

Type Cost(ounce) Type Cost(ounce)


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