The Endless Night

Grim Beginnings

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The ragtag bunch of peasants, farmers and assorted townsfolk went to investigate where the beastmen were taking their fellow citizens as hostages. What they found was horrific and magnificent: the Starless Sea under the depths of the old castle. In the center of that body of water they discovered the beastmen’s plan to summon the Chaos Lord, Molan, into an effigy they crudely constructed. After defeating Lord Molan and his beastmen, the ragged group escaped in the ghost ship with some of their lives, more wealth than most of them have ever seen and their ever-present livestock. As the roof seemed to be collapsing over the Starless Sea, the ship was caught in a tidal wave and sent speeding into the darkness of an underground river.

Meanwhile, a continent away, another fearful group of village dim-witted daredevils, drunkards, and honor-bound fools entered a portal among ancient megaliths. All their lives they heard tales and song of a mysterious portal that only appeared when the stars aligned just so… and of the wealth residing on the other side. Inside, they stumbled across ancient burial chambers protected with a variety of deadly traps and otherworldly denizens. After making their way to the treasure, both mundane and mysterious, the survivors left through the only means available: back through the portal. On stepping into the sun, they soon realized they were no longer at the familiar circle of stones erected by a long-forgotten society. They emerged at another circle of stones, similar in nature but decorated with strange runes. The sun was blazing and they were in a clearing in the midst of a rain forest.


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